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New homepage

We've redesigned our homepage to enhance your experience, allowing you to quickly see what's new on the platform since your last visit. Now, you can easily access detailed statistics with a single click, each leading you to a page that displays relevant data optimally. The updated layout also provides a snapshot of the sponsors and YouTubers you follow, giving you a direct overview of your niche. With this redesign, MeetSponsors becomes simpler to use, more efficient, and better guides you through your sponsorship journey.

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Affiliation or Integration?

We're excited to announce a new feature that enhances your sponsor search on MeetSponsors: the ability to filter by type of sponsorship—Affiliation or Product Placement (Integration). This update provides clearer insights into the sponsorship nature across our platform, allowing you to tailor your search to your specific interest. Whether you're looking for affiliate opportunities or direct product placements, our new filtering options make finding the right sponsors easier and more efficient. Dive into a more customized sponsorship discovery experience today!

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Sponsor Logos Now Live

We're thrilled to announce a major UX upgrade on MeetSponsors—sponsor logos are now displayed!

This improvement was made possible after overcoming technical challenges, allowing us to offer a visually richer experience.

Seeing sponsors' logos will make your search for the perfect partnership both easier and more engaging.

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Enhanced Sponsor Recommendation and Streamlined UX

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to MeetSponsors that makes finding your ideal YouTube sponsors easier and more intuitive than ever before!

Launch of the Automatic Sponsor Recommendation Algorithm: Say goodbye to manual searches and hello to personalized sponsor recommendations. Our new algorithm meticulously analyzes your favorites list, encompassing both YouTubers and sponsors, to understand your unique niche. By examining the tags associated with your favorite sponsors and those who have partnered with your favored YouTubers, we now offer tailored sponsor suggestions that align perfectly with your content and audience interests.

Retirement of the Niche Selection Page: In our quest to streamline your experience and remove unnecessary steps, we've removed the Niche Selection page. Your niche is now automatically determined based on the YouTubers and sponsors you add to your favorites. This update not only simplifies the setup process but also enhances the accuracy of the recommendations you receive, ensuring they're perfectly suited to your channel's focus.

This update reflects our commitment to continually improve MeetSponsors by making it more user-friendly and efficient. We believe these changes will significantly enhance your ability to find and connect with sponsors that resonate with your audience, eliminating the guesswork and manual tag selection.

As always, we value your feedback and are here to support you in maximizing your sponsorship opportunities. Explore the new features and enjoy a more streamlined sponsorship discovery process!